Joining a New Study: Give Permission

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Gesture Interaction Study
The Connected Experience Lab is looking for individuals to participate in an experiment that will investigate people's stress. Participants will be asked to wear a heart rate sensing chest band and wrist watch while completing a number of tasks (e.g., cognitive exam, online game).
What you need to do
Participants will be interviewed after each task about how they feel. The study should take about 60 minutes, and will take place in our laboratory at the Carnegie Mellon University CoEx Lab in Newell-Simon Hall. Sessions may be audio and video recorded, if the participant gives permission. Please bring a form of identification. Your participation will be compensated $10 upon completion of the study. You must be 18 years or older to participate.
Available Time
08/20/2019 — 09/20/2019
60 min
10 Crypta